Precious Guru

It did not take me long to realize my great good fortune in having met Rinpoche under such wonderful circumstances. Shortly after the Bodghaya meeting, Rinpoche came to MALAYSIA to give a series of teachings and to conduct a one week religious retreat in the mountains just outside of KUALA LUMPUR.

In those few days I took the most intensive course imaginable in Mahayan Buddhism. It was such an exhilarating & mind-blowing experience... beautiful beyond anything I could ever have imagined.

I discovered what a perfectly qualified lama I had inadvertently met. I saw first hand His awesome qualities of humility and compassion. There was an aura of purity around Rinpoche that words cannot describe. I felt very blessed. I devoured His words like a hungry and thirsty man starved of food and water. I know that week changed my life forever.

Shortly after the retreat, I took REFUGE with Rinpoche, formally becoming his student and taking him as my Lama. More importantly, He gave me permission to participate in the GREATER CHENRESIG INITIATION which He was granting. The initiation opened a new world for me. In time I would be able to learn the secret teachings of Buddha which would put me on the quick path to Enlightenment.

I was to come to understand the Bodhisattva vows and the mind training that would make my Bodhicitta heart arise. All these terms seemed strange then, but over time I was to develop an easy familiarity with them... if you have read this far, let me bring you on my journey of bliss. For me, the root of my path is Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

Lillian Too's books translated in French were spotted by Lama Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche, her guru at a little French bookstore in a village just outside Toulouse in southwest France. Rinpoche was in France leading a retreat nearby at Nalanda monastery.

"The source of all my good and all my happiness is my kind lama. Bless me first to see that taking myself to Him in the proper way is the very root of the path. Grant me then to serve and flollow Him with all my strength... and all my reverance."

My Husband & Daughter welcome Rinpoche to our humble home - April 1997


"Every single part of the Buddhist way depends on the Spiritual Guide. And so the wise who seek the state of Enlightenment with a fierce wish deep inside should smash all pride within them, take themselves to a Spiritual Guide and serve Him single-mindedly."


"You will never reach the end of suffering without a Lama. Even if you perfect yourself in every other respect."

Secret teachings of SAMBHUTA.

"There is a single key for finding a perfect start to reach your every wish, both happiness, in the short run and ultimately. And the highest word ever spoken, speak it alwasys the same. It is your Lama. And so you must devote yourself to meditate upon Him. Upon the essence of Guru Triple Gem - the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha."

Lama Tsongkapa the Great.

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