Meeting Rinpoche

In BODHGAYA where the Buddha Shakyamuni attained the perfect state of ENLIGHTENMENT - there began my most tentative steps onto the PATH. In Bodhgaya on the 24th FEbruary 1997, I met Rinpoche for the first time in this life, and instinctively recognized Him.

Rinpoche had earlier on communicated to me. His holey wish for me to come to Bodhgaya to advise on the feng shui of the giant MAITREYA BUDDHA STATUE which was being planned to be built in Bodhgaya.

My journey into bliss began in the MOST HOLY CITY of BODHGAYA in INDIA



Above: Venerable Marcel Bertels, at that time the director of the Maitreya Statue project. Marcel met us in Delhi and took us by plane to Patna from where we then took a four hour taxi ride to Gaya and then to Bodhgaya
Above: Marcel shown here with Harvey Horrocks from the International Office of FPMT. Harvey was visiting Bodhgaya after leading a group of Rinpoche's Taiwanese students to Lawado.
Above: My first meeting with Rinpoche in Bodhgaya, 1997.
Above: My first time at the Mahboudhi Stupa in Bodhgaya.
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