22nd - 27th September 2014

Learn How To Feng Shui Your Property In Five Days With Lillian Too!

REVISED ALL NEW CURRICULUM with intensive 5-day Program incorporating series of 12 Classroom Lectures, Site Investigations of Link house, Apartment, Bungalow and Office, followed by Detailed Discussions Sessions and Daily Revisions Exercises. Now in its 8th year.

Lillian Too's Master Practitioners Course is an intensive feng shui program held over one week, designed to give you a firm grounding in all the fundamentals of feng shui as well as the various schools and formulas of feng shui which you will need to perform a complete and effective feng shui assessment of any property. By the end of the course, you should be comfortable with all the working formulas of feng shui, how to use them effectively together, and how to carry out a feng shui consultation, whether for yourself, for friends, or for a client.

In this course, you will be taught how to take both the big picture approach, as well as how to zoom in on particular problems caused by feng shui and how to solve them. You will be taught how to use a feng shui compass, using Lillian Too's all-English 16-ring Luo Pan. Once you are familiar with this invaluable feng shui tool, you will find feng shui practice both easy and uncomplicated.

The course will be taught in English. All participants will gain sufficient proficiency of feng shui by the end of the week to undertake feng shui consultations. Each MPC participant will also receive a Certificate of Attendance from the Lillian Too Institute of Feng Shui.

The MPC course combines the use of lectures, case studies, discussion groups and practical site visits to create an unforgettable learning experience. Groups are kept small to encourage students to interact with each other in a constructive and meaningful way.

The experience of the MPC does not end when the week ends. All participants benefit from follow-up support in their practice of feng shui both from fellow alumni, as well as WOFS trainers and staff. All participants get the following follow-up benefits:

Invitation to future alumni gatherings and get-togethers
Invitation to become an affiliate of WOFS, which include benefits such as publicity from our websites and magazine, special prices for feng shui merchandise, support with courses and consultations you wish to conduct in feng shui.

In addition to daily lectures and case discussions, the MPC itinerary includes:

Site Investigations of Link house, Apartment, Bungalow and Office for practical experience on how to use the Luo Pan, how to decide on feng shui actions to take, and how to implement the best feng shui changes when faced with several (possibly conflicting) alternatives.
Afternoon Discussions Sessions  amongst smaller groups where you will be assisted by WOFS trainers and feng shui professionals. Participants are welcome to bring their own house plans for discussion or analysis.
Daily Revisions and Exercises
A Competition Case Study that qualifies the winning groups of participants for the MPC Class Prize. Prizes are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
A Graduation Ceremony and Dinner , where there will be the award of certificates, announcement of winners, photograph sessions and a banquet of wine and foods.


The MPC is designed to make feng shui come alive. You never thought compass formula feng shui could be so easy to use or that practicing feng shui can be so much fun.

There will be plenty of opportunity to have direct interaction with Lillian throughout the course. The limited number of participants in each class intake ensures a personalized approach and an intimate ambience.

Lillian Too is a sensitive and eloquent teacher. Her skill is in simplifying feng shui without losing the essence of its practice. There is no waffle as she cuts straight to the point. She makes feng shui interesting and mesmerizing as she adapts the formulas and guidelines of this ancient practice to modern day living.

This MPC program takes you to high level of practice. You will be amazed at how much feng shui you will understand by the end of the course. What differentiates Lillian Too's approach from everyone else's are her depth of knowledge, down-to- earth approach and her own vast experience. Her engaging and energetic personality makes her an engaging teacher and you will never be in danger of being bored in class.

This course is suitable for anyone seriously interested in gaining a comfortable working knowledge of feng shui, either to enhance their own homes or to use as a grounding and springboard for a career in feng shui.

You can be a total beginner or you may have read books and attended some courses. You may even already be a practitioner or a professional consultant.

This course gives you a comprehensive BIG PICTURE approach on what feng shui is today and how you can use it to improve your lives and the lives of others. Feng shui is a dynamic practice and its concepts MUST be understood in the context of modern lifestyles.

If any of the statements here describe your aspiration, you are certain to benefit from and enjoy the MPC.

1. If you are keen to become a Feng Shui professional consultant and become an expert in the practice of feng shui, this course focuses on the skills required to become a successful consultant. Feng Shui consultancy can be your main work or it can provide a second income. The bonus is that you will soak up Lillian Too's business acumen during the week-long program and appreciate what makes her approach to feng shui so powerful.
2. If you are keen to develop a career in Feng shui commercially , but not necessarily as a consultant, this course will expose you to the many careers available in feng shui. There are opportunities in publishing, teaching, writing, consultancy, web-design, feng shui product development, retailing, wholesaling and franchising.
3. If you want to supplement your existing business with Feng Shui, e.g. if you are in a business such as Real Estate, Interior Design, Architecture, Medicine... where feng shui can add value and potency to your work, this course will equip you with the skills necessary to do this.
4. If you are planning to buy or build a new house and want to invest in a course which will enable you to design your own feng shui in an expert and correct way. Your investment in this course will cost much less than getting a Feng shui expert to help you design the feng shui for your new house.
5. If you want to be able to regularly update your feng shui , this course will teach you all about the time influences on the feng shui to of your home, your office, and that of your family. Ability to regularly update the feng shui of your loved ones is an invaluable knowledge.
6. If you simply love the practice of feng shui as a hobby and want to deepen your knowledge of this branch of Chinese culture you will enjoy learning and socializing with the cosmopolitan group that make up each course intake.
a diversity of students from around the world

“Based on my previous participations, I’ve noticed tremendous improvement! Lillian is outstanding! I enjoyed her lectures on Basic Feng Shui and Flying Star the most.”
-- Ravindradev Unthiah, from Mauritius

“It’s very inspiring and exceeded my expectations! Without a doubt, learning from Lillian in person has been a life-changing experience. Her wisdom, experience, personal charisma and inspirational guidance have been well worth the investment of energy to come to the class here in Kuala Lumpur. Her practical approach with the use of many techniques enables you to embrace it more easily. Most students have commented that this is what has drawn us to her. She makes it easy to understand and apply – without any mystery or academic language.”
-- Donna Ceriani, from Boston and currently residing in Singapore

“I will definitely recommend this course to my friends. It cleared my doubts especially on Flying Star Feng Shui and Eight Mansions!”
-- Sandrine Pinson, from Bora Bora in French Polynesia

“Lillian’s teaching is enlightening and inspiring! This course is vital to the practice of feng shui. I believe it is a pre-requisite to build meaning and purpose in one’s feng shui practice. I’ll take this knowledge one step at a time and perhaps it will bring me to the next level of this exciting journey.”
-- Andy Z Valeroso from Manila, Philippines

“I really enjoyed the way Lillian teaches; she is very clear and objective. This course is important because it makes us really understand the fundamentals of feng shui.”
-- Maria Celina, from Brazil

“The subjects taught were very comprehensive. This course is absolutely fundamental to practice of feng shui. Lillian is exciting, knowledgeable, impressive and enjoyable! I have really enjoyed this week, although very hard work!”
-- Janice Collett, from Brisbane Australia

“It is a wonderful course, thank you for your hard work! I’ve learned secrets that are not included in books and Lillian’s teaching is wonderful and very easy to understand. Her English is perfect and the powerpoint presentation helped a lot! I realize that I can become a real consultant if I practice and study hard and if I am patience for sure.”
-- Rafeal Gandhi, from Mexico, now living in California USA

“I like all the subjects taught in this course! This course is important to set the foundation of the feng shui before becoming a Consultant. Lillian is really confident with the knowledge!”
-- Evangelia Coello Martorano from Spain

“I like the international mix of participants in this class and the practical application to theories and principles. Lillian’s approach is engaging. The ongoing support offered after the course is reassuring. Thank you to everyone who has brought the course together. It has been a fascinating experience in the midst of like-minded people. I thoroughly enjoyed my week. God Bless!”
-- Mimi Milne, from Scotland, UK

“This Course gives you a proper approach and understanding of the practice of feng shui. Lillian’s charisma is awesome! Her personal experiences and “secrets” are so inspiring. She is so practical and down-to-earth. I felt very connected to her!”
-- Roger YeeFong from Netherland Antilles, Trinidad

“I understand more and am able to go deeper into feng shui practice after attending this class. Lillian makes the lectures very interesting.”
-- Wong Ling Kiong, from Malaysia

“Lillian’s teaching is very interesting; she has the sense of humour to make all of us attentive to the class! I really need this course for myself and likewise all of my relatives and other people. I do not have any other comments and I find this class is perfect.”
-- Marilyn Mendoza Pedro, originally from Philippines, now residing in Japan

“This course is very crucial to practice of Feng Shui and the subjects taught in this class are EXCELLENT! I enjoyed the interaction in the class. Lillian’s approach is very practical and down to earth.”
-- Estelle M, Nutley, from Brisbane Australia

“Lillian’s approach is entertaining and makes me want to learn more. The subjects taught are very relevant. Most of my doubts are cleared after this class. This course is ideal for those who are serious about feng shui and who wish to help others with feng shui practice. I enjoyed this Course! The most important thing I believe is that besides teaching feng shui, it also enlightens your thoughts to use it for a good cause and to help others.”
-- Wong Chee Keong from Singapore

“This course is crucial to feng shui practice as we have more comprehensive understanding of how to use the various possible formulas. Lillian’s approach is enlightening.”
-- Lee Bao Ling, from Malaysia

“Lillian is so refreshing that she makes learning fun. She is charming, and very powerful but without the arrogance! This course gives us a strong foundation to start practicing feng shui. Thank you for a great week!”
-- Suzuyo Fox, originally from Japan, now residing in USA

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