Lillian Too launches first Masterclass in Paht Chee with Wit & Humour

48 international students came from across the globe to participate in Lillian Too's first ever weeklong program on how to analyze Eight Characters charts to foretell and improve one's luck. Also called Paht Chee, this fascinating system of Chinese personal forecasting is about analyzing a destiny chart drawn up according to one’s year, month, day and hour of birth - collectively referred to as the four pillars of one’s destiny.

The course comprised a series of lectures spread over five days, peppered with plenty of examples and case studies that effectively showcased the astounding accuracy of this system of forecasting one's future.

Reading Students' Charts

Lillian used celebrity charts to introduce her students to Paht Chee readings. There was in depth analysis of many of the students' own charts and everyone welcomed the opportunity to work out their self element, whether they were weak or strong, and what kind of chi energy cycle they were currently living through. Everyone was particularly curious about their potential to get rich, wondering when they would become millionaires, if ever. Some were pleasantly surprised when they discovered the charts revealed their personal traumas and hard times. One student even gave a squeal of surprise when told her chart indicated a difficulty in conceiving a child, and sighed with relief when told exactly what she had been going through, what she could do to increase her chances of getting pregnant.

Another student kept nodding her head in agreement as the class systematically mapped out her good and bad luck years, but accurately concluded she was about to enter her good luck cycle.

Highlight Of The Course

The highlights of the course were the daily discussions of Paht Chee charts that occupied the afternoon time slots. The discussions were brisk and lively and remarkably revealing. The class had the greatest fun reading the Four Pillars charts of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. The class was guided in the reading, determining the strength of Camilla and the Prince's self elements and discovering how crucial this was in creating the key to the readings, i.e. determining their individualized favourable and unfavorable elements.

Once this was known, the reading proceeded to determine their time cycles of luck, as well as their potential for the five kinds of luck. Next came the determination of the "hidden elements" and the different "stars" that were in their respective charts.

Will Prince Charles Ever Become King Of England?

Will Prince Charles ever ascend the throne of England and if so when? To answer this, the class pored over his and her charts. To everyone's surprise, reading both charts created an incredibly clear picture of the next ten years. We found that the chances of Prince Charles becoming King was very high, just as it is also very possible that Camilla will become Queen. Her chart is well balanced, auspicious and very lucky. She has wealth, power, good health and happiness in her chart and in the coming ten years, she enters a particularly favourable time. All her life, the star of the Nobleman, prominently present in her chart, supports her.

Will Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Last?

The other discussion that brought out the best in the class was when the charts of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were studied. Those of you who have been following the gossip about this A-list Hollywood couple will like this. The charts were analyzed to determine if they would marry (a resounding YES) and how long they would stay married. The charts show that her future looks brighter than his, and that it is likely he might quit movies in favour of another career.

He has a chart that indicates plenty of Peach Blossom luck, thereby accounting for his great success with the ladies, as well as the Flower of Romance luck. So he could continue to live his life true to form and move from one beautiful woman to another (from Gwenyth Paltrow to Jennifer Aniston to Angelina Jolie to...) The charts indicate however that Angelina Jolie will continue to ride high, as her best years are yet to come. So if there is any separation of this couple, it will be initiated by her. The problem with Angelina Jolie's life according to her chart will be her children. In later years, they could cause her grief and heartbreak.

Gaining Confidence In Chart Analysis

The exercises in celebrity chart reading were not only to walk students through the process of reading charts, it was also to build their confidence and give them the practical hands-on approach necessary to bring out the potential in them. Because the readings were of celebrities, they became fun and interesting. At the same time, it was perfectly acceptable to speak their minds, so everyone could be as extreme or as outrageous as they wished in making predictions, enhancing the learning situation.

As they progressed from one chart to the next, everyone discovered the basis of Lillian Too's non-fatalistic approach to Paht Chee, feng shui and to life in general. "We do not need to be afraid of having a bad year or a bad ten years," said Lillian. "There is always something that can be done to ease the misfortunes of one's life. The important thing is to learn how."

And why is that? "Because it is always possible to use cures and remedies to reduce the severity of bad luck years and misfortune periods."

Remedies & Cures For Bad Years

The course focused equally on the analysis of charts as well as on offering cures, solutions and remedies. For every kind of misfortune indicated, Lillian first analyzed the reasons for the bad luck – pointing out clashes of elements in the stems and branches of the charts – then suggested how one's environment and personal spaces can be renovated or changed to correct clashes, imbalances and weaknesses.

Remedies to improve one's bad luck periods always center around the five elements. As such, one must understand all the tiny nuances of the five elements.

Chinese esoteric sciences seldom directly recommend objects, symbols or products as cures. Instead, the remedies suggested are always couched in the code of the 5 elements. It is the effective harnessing of water, wood, fire, metal and earth energy that makes all the difference in successfully suppressing misfortune and strengthening good fortune.

One can interpret the five elements in terms of colours, shapes, materials and so forth. Everything in the universe can be categorized into these 5 elements, with a yin or yang aspect. Meanwhile, the gender strength (yin or yang) of the five elements also creates additional differentiation in the readings. Elements can be the heavenly stems of the chart or the earthly branches. This is all there is to the complexity of Paht Chee, so when one takes a step-by-step approach, the understanding of the five elements within the context of Eight Characters charts soon sinks in.

Those among the students who had grounding in feng shui naturally found it easier to grasp and understand the fundamentals of the Eight Characters. This is only because they already familiar to the terminology and the Chinese calendar system. Those who were not yet familiar merely had to invest additional time reading Lillian Too's latest book on the subject – Eight Characters. The availability of the book is thus a welcome supplementary to the course. Students also discovered the close affinity that Eight Characters shares with the practice of feng shui. One makes the practice of the other a lot more in-depth and effective.

Tien, Ti Ren Luck

At the end of the course, Lillian explained, "Reading our Eight Characters chart is to remedy and enhance our heaven luck. Practicing feng shui is to protect and improve our earth luck. But lastly, we must also learn how to reinforce our mankind luck."

Only when we have a harmonious coming together of Tien Ti Ren luck (heaven, earth and mankind luck) the three types of luck that make up the trinity of our existence, can we enjoy truly good health, wealth and happiness.

Meet some of the graduates of Lillian Too's Masterclass in Paht Chee

Peter Lung from USA

Currently the most popular and successful feng shui consultant in the United States, Hong Kong born Peter is a feng shui consultant to many of the up-and-coming stars of Hollywood.

He flew all the way to Kuala Lumpur to attend the course and says, "This is a very easy-to-understand Paht Chee class.

I have learnt from many different Masters for Paht Chee training, but because Lillian's class is completely in English, you do not need to memorize all the difficult Chinese characters.

Also, in her class you, don't just learn how to analyze, you also learn how to give solutions.

This is important because there is no point in forecasting you are going to have a bad year if there is nothing you can do about it! I am very happy and proud to be a student in her first Paht Chee class."

Richard Hoo from Singapore

A feng shui expert who owns a thriving feng shui consultancy says, "Lillian really shares and teaches the secrets of Paht Chee.

She uses the simplest and shortest way, and concentrates on the most important aspects.

This is important, as there is a lot of information that is of no importance to us."

Tomoko Chiba from Japan

This lovely lady from Japan came to attend the course with husband Andy and shared some personal revelations "I feel very happy to join this class.

All the while I have had problems conceiving and now I know it's because of problems with the earth element in my chart. Now I know what to do, what to wear and so on.

I will try and let you know the outcome! We really had fun and I'd really like to thank Lillian and all her staff at WOFS."

Lee Kang Wee from Malaysia

This young man recently graduated from Cambridge University, UK with a degree in Economics, and decided to sign up for the course to "learn something about Chinese culture".

After spending 2 weeks at WOFS first learning feng shui and then Eight Characters, says, "Lillian's talent for simplifying difficult concepts shines through in this class.

The insights are extremely powerful, especially because she shows you how to empower yourself regardless of your type of chart.

Learning these things from her is sure to help me get started in life."

Jinpa Bras from Belgium

Attending the class with his sister Dominique, he writes, "Such a vast subject in 5 five days is quite intense and complex – yet Lillian made it all seem so easy and so possible.

Amazingly, now I feel empowered and more confident of my feng shui skills as well."

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