Even Santa Claus can be a Feng Shui symbol

The New Paper,
Saturday 24th Nov 2001
by Carol Leong

"Use symbols appropriate to your background and culture. "For instance, Santa Claus is a symbol of abundance too! You can use that." - Mrs. Lillian Too, on the different feng shui symbols people can use to generate wealth and how these symbols don't have to be Chinese.

The rain came down in sheets yesterday afternoon, when Lillian Too (right) was to launch her new CD on feng shui tips set to music. Of course, this rain was a deeply auspicious sign.Water is a sign of abundance.

The press conference at the old Thong Chai medical hall in Eu Tong Sen Street,now a restaurant,started almost an hour late because Mrs Too's driver couldn't find the place. But Mrs Too just went with the flow. "You learn how to face obstacles,"she said with a smile.

The prolific Malaysian author has written 42 books on feng shui,which have been translated into 21 languages. Some $6 million worth of her books have been sold worldwide.

In person, she is very much like a warm auntie, with a few "lah's" and Cantonese proverbs slipping into her speech.

One of my biggest questions regarding the efficiency of feng shui was this: "If feng shui is so good, why was China such a basket case for 200 years while the Americans,who didn't know a hoot about feng shui become so powerful?"

Mrs Too nodded.

The History

She replied: "I asked myself that same question. When the founder of the Ming dynasty began systematically executing all the Taoist feng shui masters, he began the downward historical trend.

"For 200 years,China did not allow feng shui to be practiced." As for her introduction to feng shui,it came into her life in a strange manner. After 10 years of marriage, she desperately wanted a baby.

"We tried everything and eventually ended up breeding dogs. Hey,don't laugh."

Then, a feng shui expert came to her house and told her that the huge tree facing her house was the obstacle to her dreams.

Since she was building a new house,she invited him to do the feng shui for it. Four months after moving in, she conceived her daughter Jennifer. That was 25 years ago.

"I've often told Jennifer she was the first good thing feng shui had done for me. "

When asked about feng shui symbols one can use during the economic downturn,she said symbols like the fish, sailing ships and the dragon are good for Singaporeans in these hard times.

"These are powerful wealth generating symbols," she said.

But to attract good vibes,you don't have to use very Chinese symbols like fish,tortoises or three legged toads.

"Use symbols appropriate to your background and culture. "For instance, Santa Claus is a symbol of abundance too! You can use that."

  Money, Money, Lots Of Money

During these tough times,everyone is anxious about money.But feng shui queen Lillian Too has some advice on money-attracting vibrations.

Clear Your Clutter

"If you don't know any feng shui and want to improve your luck,the first thing you can do is open your windows and doors,let light come in,and dump your junk. Clutters kills energy-it's like rotten food giving off a bad smell," said Mrs Too. And what is clutter? Anything that makes your heart drop just by looking at it. Books you haven't read for ages but can't bear to give away, clothes that no longer fit, things that need fixing,like clogged drains. "A clogged drain is like an obstacle,remove it!"

Have A Water Element
Water,especially clean, moving water is very good in bringing luck. Or use water symbols,like a painting of a lake or colours like blue or black. Put this in the north,east,south-east or south-west of the house. "But do not have more than one water feature in one room because that's being greedy.And never have water in the bedroom because this creates loss."

Get An Ordinary Compass

Learn how to use it to identify the eight directions. This is important because each direction signifies different things. If you are unlucky enough to have a toilet in your wealth corner, paint the toilet door red, but don't put plants there! MAKE A WISH LIST "Sign your wish 49 times each day for 49 days and your wishes will come true. This is a secret Taoist ritual that works every time!"

Get A Red Purse
"Very auspicious!" said Mrs Too,who promptly fished out a scarlet Louis Vuitton wallet from her handbag.

Go Shopping For A Good Symbol
Mrs Too recommends the Chinese God of Wealth, but the non-Chinese can find symbols from their own culture. "Symbols don't need to be Chinese,you can have your own,so long as they are meaningful to you."

Be Generous
"Create a flow.If money comes in, give some to the poor."
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