Space Woes

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 14th October 2008

Dear Lillian
BEING a rabbit person, this year is supposed to be a good year for me but I am facing serious trouble at the work place.

I am sitting in the South or slightly SE position facing the NW. Our big boss won’t allow anyone to change positions on their own.

I am having a hard time with the new CFO as well as with the consultant appointed by the new parent company. I may be forced to resign even. What should I do for my career growth and to smoothen things out?


Dear Sam
Yes the Rabbit enjoys good staying power this year and you will not have to worry but we are coming to the end of the year and 2009 is when those born in the Rabbit years could find their jobs taken away from them, so your instinctive worry is real.

However your current problem stems from your sitting location. As I have repeatedly told everyone the South this year is terribly afflicted — you are hit by the five yellow which brings difficulties and aggravations; you are also hit by the three killings which brings three kinds of misfortunes and finally where you are sitting facing NW brings mental stress and if you also face North then you are confronting the Tai Sui which brings hostility from superiors.

You MUST place cures on your desk immediately if you cannot change sitting direction. Get the five element pagoda to suppress the five yellows; the three celestial guardians to overcome the three killings and the Tai Sui amulet to ward off the anger of the Tai Sui.

Unless you place these cures the rest of the year will continue to be very stressful and worrying.

May I also suggest you quickly get your astrology book for the coming year, so that you are more prepared and can make sure that your cures are correct for the coming year as well.


Dear Lillian,
Recently me and my partner bought a brand new apartment. The main door is facing the kitchen, so we planned to build a wall in between it. But my friend told me that the wall has to be three feet away from the main door and must not be a solid wall.

The problem is, we have limited space there and we were planning to build a solid wall because we also plan to set up a stove attached to the other side of the wall. So I’d like to know if it’s okay;

  • to build a solid wall in front of the main door? Should we place any good element on the wall so the chi could flow into the house.
  • for the stove to be attached to the other side of the wall which is facing the main door? Will it ‘burn up’ the chi?
  • to make a transparent sliding door in between the kitchen and living room so that we can be aware of what’s happening in the living room while we cook?

Thanks and regards, Nicole

Dear Nicole,
Ideally, it is preferable for the kitchen to be at the back of the apartment but if space is constrained I would advise you NOT to build a wall at all, all you need to do is place a screen or some plants to partially conceal the kitchen area, and especially the stove from view of the main door.

I am very much in favour of the open plan concept especially in apartments as this is excellent for Period 8 buildings and apartments where the most favourable chi is always located in the “centre grid” of the space.

In fact, the open plan arrangement is also very trendy these days and is a feature of many modern day apartments and condominiums. So it is better not to put up too many walls and to use creative dividers to mark out your cooking, living and dining spaces instead.

Dear Lillian,

I’ve heard and read about incompatibility between a Boar and a Snake. This seems not to be the case between me and my wife.

So far our relationship is good (touch wood), though we argue and quarrel frequently. I treasure our relationship and try to ignore what I’ve read about our apparent incompatibility.

Recently, when planning to move to a new house, we looked at our kua numbers to determine which were the good and bad directions. Mine was kua 2 and hers was kua 1.

It came as a shock to me to see that based on our kua numbers, our best and worst compass directions are exactly opposite each other, which means that whatever is the best direction for me, becomes the worst direction for her and vice versa.

This has affected us psychologically and I’ve started to wonder how to overcome this obstacle in the long run.

If we move to the new home, how can we make a win-win direction for both of us, in terms of locating the bed, furniture, where the door should face and so forth?

Thanks a lot.
Sincerely, Jeremy

Dear Jeremy
It is true that your astrological signs are incompatible as a result of which you will always have aggravations arising from dissimilar views on everything.

But you might also want to check your paht chee to see if your other “pillars of destiny” have each other’s sign.

For instance if your month or hour is Snake while your year is Boar then this makes the relationship between you two more workable.

The kua number being East and West group can create a big problem if you do not know how to practice feng shui.

First do note that when husbands and wives have conflicting kua numbers that result in one’s best becoming the worst for one’s spouse then the best way to deal with this is to have a house that faces either, East, West, Southeast or Northwest.

This way the house benefits both parties. Moreover, you can also have different doors to enter the house, one good for you and another good for your spouse.

As for sleeping directions and bed locations, ideally it is good to have separate beds or bedrooms although this is a solution resisted by young couples as being unromantic. If so then follow the husband’s direction.

Don’t worry about the difference in your directions as my husband and I have exactly the same problem and we have been together now for nearly forty years and our feng shui is quite ok.

However, we do have separate doors, separate beds and also separate rice pots!

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