Rainbow: Catch It If You Can

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 24th February 2009

Dear Lillian,
I believe the rainbow is a very good sign and every time it appears, I would smile and feel more cheerful as I see it as a beautiful and wonderful gift from nature. I am always looking forward to seeing a rainbow every time I step out of the house.

Normally every few days or so, some good things would happen in my life in the form of good news or good luck.

On Oct 10, 2008 I saw double rainbows twice in a day. The first time was when I was having breakfast near my workplace.

I 1ooked up to the sky and there it was.

I quickly requested friend of mine to take a photo of it with my mobile phone, and with me standing below the rainbows and at the end of the rainbows.

The second rainbow I saw was after office hours when I dropped by at my sister’s house.

It was late evening but still sunny and just after I came out of my car, I saw another big double rainbow.

This time I got my sister to take a photo of me catching the rainbow.

I always feel very excited when I remember these events.

Is there any special meaning if we see double rainbows twice a day? I just wonder.

Rainbow Lover

Dear Rainbow Lover,

Seeing a rainbow is always a good sign and you, are right to try and "catch it" with your camera. I have benefited from rainbows many times as well.

When double rainbows appear it means that whatever is coming to you has great meaning in your life and that one good thing will lead to another good thing. I really rejoice in your happiness and good fortune. The rainbows are a sign from the cosmic universe that you are about to have something great fall into your lap!

Hi Lillian,
I have been an ardent fan of yours and regularly attend your yearly Feng Shui Extravaganza. I like your suggestions about placing the yearly remedies and your advice on substituting what we really can’t change or move when some corners are rather unlucky for that particular year.

I have used your idea of placing various animal figurines in different corners that most of my visitors do not realise that the decor is for feng shui purposes.

I am a Dog with kua number 3, aged 39.

My family includes my husband who was born in the Boar year 1971. My two boys belong to the Horse year 2002 and Boar year 2007, while my mother belongs to the Rooster year of 1945.

We are living in an apartment with our front door facing NE and windows at the back sitting SW. The master bedroom is in a west corner and there is a toilet and part dining room in the NW corner.

Here are some questions in which I really need your help:

  1. The NW direction is where our toilet and part of the dining area is located. As NW is a very important corner for me this year, so can you please tell me
    what I should do? As NW is also the patriarch corner, it also affects my hubby.
  2. My master bedroom is located in the west corner and both my babies are sleeping here with me and my husband. Is the wu lou with eight immortals powerful enough here? Do I still need to place a wind chime on the door?
  3. Also, I did not have a good working environment in 2008, due to back stabbing and gossip. You have predicted the same to continue this year. I would rather keep quiet than pick a fight. Can you recommend any remedies to make the people who are bad mouthing me stop?

Thank you for your help

Dear Worried,

  1. About the NW corner, activate the area that is outside the toilet. Inside the toilet place bright lights and outside place strong metal energy - a bell or wind chimes would be great. Also place a Dog sign here as this will insure your allies lend strength to you.
  2. As for the master bedroom, this year the best cure for the illness star in the west is Acala and a ball. Hang these in the bedroom and you should be fine.
  3. As for office gossip and back biting, the Dog person has coped with this affliction in recent years. I suggest you get a big rooster and place it on your office desk or near your desk. This will peck away the gossip and backbiting. Also wear red to dispel backbiting!

Dear Lillian,
Our front door faces north and according to your Easy To Use Feng Shui, we should hang a metal wind chime outside our front door as there is a street light at the front of our house.

As our home is also on a hill, the houses across the street are much lower down, so their roofs point in our direction. In your book, it displayed a metal chime with a wooden base that has five pipes.

Today we bought one that is similar, but afterward we began to wonder if this might be considered a wooden wind chime. Can you please what is considered a wooden chime and what is a metal chime?

Also, you said the bedrooms should not open across from each other. In our home, the master bedroom door is right across the hall from our older daughter’s room. Also, the bathroom separating our rooms is at one end of the hall facing the kitchen at the other end of the hall.

Thank you for your help.

Dear Lana,
A wooden wind chime in the north will hurt you.

What you need is an all metal wind chime. There should not be any wood in the wind chime at all.

In fact wooden wind chimes do not have any feng shui effect and are hung up for decoration only.

Wind chime must create the sound of metal to be effective.

With regard to the question on your bedroom and bathroom doors, when the doors are far enough apart there are no problems. It is only when they directly confront each other, say if they are three feet apart, that they can cause quarrels and confrontations to occur.

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