Green clothing and jewellery can bring good
fortune: Lillian

The Borneo Post
16 February 2009

by Nancy Lai

KOTA KINABALU:  Wearing green articles of clothing, gold and jade jewellery in the Year of the Ox will bring more good fortune, Feng Shui master Lillian Too said.

Too in her five-hour entertaining and informative Feng Shui extravaganza which was held in the 1Borneo ballroom yesterday, disclosed to participants and fans that the Year of the Ox promises respite and recovery as it is blessed by the presence of all five elements – water, wood, earth, metal and fire.

It is a year when preserving wealth and assets are more important that expanding wealth, she said.

“Green is the colour of money so if you want to be prosperous, wear green,” she said, adding that green is also the colour of wood which is a yang pillar.

“Three yang and one yin pillar indicate strong yang energy and this is excellent but my advice to all of you is not to take risks in money making ventures but make your money from hard work,” she said.

Too stressed that the Year of the Ox is the time to start protecting and insulating oneself for the next three to four years as it won’t be smooth until 2014.

She also added that those who come into power this year will be autocratic and will wield their power accordingly.

Need to change roof of house: Too

“I am here not only to help you enhance your good luck but also to advise you on warding off band luck,” she said.

Among the advice doled out by Too for the Year of the Ox was that the year requires the metal element to be strengthened.

Place a “9 rod dragon windchime” in the center of your home as this is vital to ensure good fortune enters the home, she said, adding that the best amulet to wear in 2009 is the “9 eyed Dzi” made of gold to strengthen metal energy and energize the power of 9.

Too also spoke about the 12 signs of Chinese animal zodiac, their afflictions this year as well as what are the cures and enhancers those affected should use to protect themselves and ward off the bad luck.

According to Too further, there is a need to change the energy of one’s home to a “period 8” and to do so, she said the roof, floor and main door of the building house must be changed.

“If you cannot afford to change the whole roof, then replace on third of it,” she said and suggested several enhancers and cures for houses such as the “5 element bells”. “victory banner”, “acala disc and ball” and the “gold three peaks mountain” be placed at specific locations to ward off back luck and improve good luck.

Other auspicious amulets for 2009 are the “lo shu 9 talisman amulet” designed to overcome bad energy and enhance good energy in 2009, “friendship amulet” to bring good relationship, “universal tortoise” which protects the person carrying it from danger, obstacles and obstruction as well as to enhance good fortune energy, the “dragon signature wallet”, “spinning 9 eye Dzi ring” and the range of “empowerment rings”.

She adviced those who want to know more about their animal signs and what to expect in the Year of the Ox to purchase the World Of Feng Shui (WOFS®) personalized astrology book and the feng shui almanac.

The amulets, protectors, cures and enhancers are available from the WOFS® outlets, including the one in Wisma Merdeka here.

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