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Lillian Too's Little Book of Essential Feng Shui

Published Year : 2000

Easy to follow, practical, fun, Lillian Too's Little Book of Essential Feng Shui is the one pocket guide to this fascinating subject which no one can afford to be without.

Lillian Too's Little Book of Creating Abundance

Published Year : 2000

Creating abundance means embracing riches in all areas of your life: material possessions, relationships, health, personal growth and success. In this amazing little book, Lillian Too shows you how to expand your whole world.

Lillian Too's Feng Shui Success Secrets 268 Questions & Answers from Aunt Agga

Published Year : 2000

Aunt Agga has been brought to you by Lillian Too, the leading feng shui expert, and her daughter Jennifer. She answers requests from people all over the world on her website Inside this book you'll find the answers to real-life questions - from removing poison arrows in your home, to improving finances and solving relationship problems.

Aunt Agga's solutions offer you the power to maximise your health and well-being and transform your life. Lillian Too is a leading world authority on feng shui. In constant demand as a lecturer and feng shui expert, she has also written 42 international bestsellers including Lillian Too's Easy-to-use Feng Shui and Lillian Too's Easy-to-use Feng Shui for Love. Her books have been translated into 21 languages and have sold over three million copies.

Lillian Too's Feng Shui Space Cearing Kit

Published Year : 2000

Everything you need to purify your living space using traditional eastern methods and techniques. This unique new kit explains in simple terms how to purify your living space safely, at home or at work. With wit and wisdom, Lillian shows you how to use the specially crafted seven metal singing bowl and authentic inceses to create pure energy, or chi, to cultivate a healing and positive atmosphere around you.

Lillian Too's Practical Feng Shui - Symbols Of Good Fortune

Published Year : 2000

This book provides practical advice on how to apply Feng Shui principles to your home, your garden and street using the symbols of good fortune and illustrates how the symbols can be used differently in certain circumstances.

Lillian Too's Practical Feng Shui - Formulas For Success

Published Year : 2000

A comprehensive guide to every conceivable Feng Shui formula with practical advice on their application to the home, garden and street - cross-referenced for easy access.

Easy-To-Use Feng Shui For Love

Published Year : 2000

In a similar format to the wildly successful Lillian Too's Easy-To-Use Feng Shui, this book comes packed full of useful tips to enhance love in all situations... marriage love, new love, filial love... It is also beautifully illustrated in full color, with specially commissioned diagrams and drawings.

Feng Shui For The Year 2000 by Lillian Too

Published Year : 2000

Her awesomely authoritative new book on using feng shui to identify lucky and unlucky sectors, good and bad months and remedy afflicted corners during the year of the golden dragon.

Inner Feng Shui

Published Year : 2000

The oriental practice of feng shui can bring you prosperity, good health and the perfect relationship - all you need to satisfy your senses. But, says internationally bstselling author Lillian Too, don't stop there. Go further... In this extraordinary and unusual book, she shows you how you can also apply feng shui to your consciousness, to create spiritual magic in your day-to-day world.

Lillian Too's Little Book Of Feng Shui At Work

Published Year : 1999

Use the tips in this little book to create an auspicious, environment at your workplace. As well as guidelines on how to arrange the furniture, where to sit and which colors to wear, there is information on lucky symbols you can display to enhance your position and promote business success. Equally important, there is advice on what situations and features to avoid. Feng Shui can truly help you to harness the positive energies that reinforce good career luck. It costs you nothing to try!

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