It's quite cosmic how people from such diverse backgrounds can find their way to KUALA LUMPUR and meet new friends while learning advanced Feng Shui! This time Lillian Too's October Class of MPC in fengshui inspired 28 talented students from around the globe to make their way to our beautiful country of MALAYSIA and this special class brought students from Australia, Aruba, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Czech Republic, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, New Caldonia, Ecuador, Singapore, Mexico, Turkey, French Polynesia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and the USA!

Group Photo of MPC October 2011

It doesn't matter where you are from, or what your do for a living; everyone has a GREAT time learning fengshui from Lillian and meeting new friends from across the seas! This very special class brought together a colourful mix of individuals from all walks of life; we had a financial astrologer, an agricultural businessman, a crystal businessman, a university lecturer, an accountant, interior designers, architects, clairvoyants, a PR and advertising leader, a builder, two fengshui consultants, a past-life regression doctor and a pranic healer (whose husband's career shot up after she implemented Lillian's fengshui advice)!

Over the week Lillian engaged her students at all aspects of the practice by revealing powerful fengshui formulas in her lectures and explaining the finer nuances of this living skill. Students were taken to several sites to develop practical experience of how fengshui is applied to different kinds of building structures. This particular group was even invited to Lillian's private home to witness the THRONING of her GIANT MARBLE BUDDHA!

Each MPC course finishes with a challenging "exam case study" where students are taken to a property and asked to evaluate its fengshui. Prizes were awarded to three winning groups for correctly applying all the formulas of fengshui learnt in class.

1st Prize - Group D
Tatiana Custode (Ecuador), Magda Hola (Czech Republic), Marina Clark (Singapore),
Christophe Cheung (French Polynesia)

2nd Prize - Group C
Yelena Shin (Turkey), Dr Ashish Narayankar (India), Xuan Tung Nguyen (Vietnam),
MV Kishore Kumaar (India)

3rd Prize - Group A
Darling Nava Riley (Seattle), Bonnie Wright (New Mexico), Satoko Okada (Japan)

After a gruelling week of studying and learning, the course ended with a Graduation Dance Party at Lillian's private home. Lillian took the time to introduce her students to her GIANT PRAYER WHEEL and explained the significance of all her water features including her latest Arowana Aquarium and her Underwater Guppy paradise. After a delectable night of gourmet Malaysian food and fine wine, our students kicked off their heels and danced and karaok-ed the night away! The evening came to a close with the Wish Balloon Ceremony!

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I have always been attracted by art, creativity and spiritual matters. These interests made me choose Interior Design as the professional path to follow; however, as soon as I started my career, I found it too superficial... It was great to create cozy environments for people, but in my mind, I was wondering what about the essence of their life, the connection between their souls and a physical place, how could I support them to fulfill this important issue? It was then, when I discovered Feng Shui, that my questions were answered, and in a magical way, I found the path which has led me until now.

      I believe in destiny, and when things are meant to be, all the cosmos join together to make it happen. Believe it or not, that is the reason why I joined the Feng Shui Master Practitioners Course with Lillian Too, my mentor, whom I admire and respect. Getting to know her personally was one of my dreams come true. I never planned on coming to Malaysia, but as I mentioned before, destiny plays its cards in a magical way and here I am, astonished by her great personality, knowledge and love for the humanity.

      I came to Asia to visit my sister and to travel around; we were together in Bali trying to get a ticket to Siem Reap, and the only suitable connection was through Kuala Lumpur, so we booked it and decided to stay in Kuala Lumpur for two days. As always, it was my desire to visit Lillian's shop, so I searched for the address in her web page, and I found out about the course. We had our tickets for landing on October 9th, and the course was plan to be held on the 10th! Coincidence??? I don't think so; equal energies are always attracted by each other. It was in my destiny and I am so glad for having such an amazing opportunity!

      Lillian has that unique capacity to inspire great life in others, I recommend her courses highly as there is no doubt that thousands of people have been touched by her and I cannot wait to get back home and start helping people through Feng Shui. Thanks Lillian!!!

Tatiana Custode
from Ecuador, living in Canada

Samar Salameh

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