For all your feng shui needs

The SunValley,
23rd January 2001
by Fairos Nazri

Alex Tan reports on a one-stop center where you can get items to help obtain that extra edge to succeed.

If you are among thousands who have embraced the belief in feng shui, then knowing that there is a one-stop center for feng shui paraphernalia will be music to your ears.

The World of Feng shui shop at KL Plaza has everything that you will need from figurines, jewellery and crystal plants to literature.

Owned by Jennifer Too, a customer will be in good hands once he enters the shop.

Jennifer Too comes from a renowned line of feng shui practitioners and consultants. Her mother is feng shui consultant and author Lillian Too, who is also a special advisor to the company.

"I call this shop a feng shui boutique and it will serve anyone's feng shui needs under one roof," Lillian said when we met at her daughter's boutique last week. The outlet was opened by Transport Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ling Liong Sik the week before.

The shop offers a wide range of auspicious items, which will help perk up the various aspects of one's life from love and career to health.

Items for sale include the full collection of the elder Too's books. The items are attractively priced and suit all budgets.

Ranging from RM3.25 for trinkets to RM8,888 for a prosperity ship, it is evident that fengshui is not something only for the affluent businessman or the rich.

"I want this shop to be close to the community and serve its needs. Feng shui is something that cannot be separated from the people. When you deal in feng shui, you also deal with people," she stressed.

Lillian explained that she decided to open this shop because of the various enquiries she gets from her readers on how to get feng shui products.

"I get about 300 to 400 letters a day from my readers worldwide and they always ask me to help them get feng shui products," she said.

Lillian wants the shop to be the first of an international franchise bearing the World of Feng Shui name, with trained staff, who can also act as consultants.

The perky author will also be on-hand to dish out helpful feng shui advice to her customers.

"I will be in the shop very often. If you happen to see me, then I will give you some feng shui advice," she said.

The outlet, located on the first floor of KL Plaza is open seven days a week from 10am.

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