Too Live With Feng Shui

The Malaysian Women's Weekly,
January 2001
by Emma Bishop

Malaysia's most famous feng shui master Lillian Too practices what she preaches - her home is filled with feng shui touches.

Feng shui master Lillian Too really believes in her craft. As the stars change all through the year, Lillian dutifully moves feng shui energizers around the house so that she and her husband get maximum benefit from feng shui principles.

Certainly, Lillian's fortunes are always rising. She's published 42 international best-sellers on feng shui. She's always got exciting new projects on the go. Recently she launched her signature jewellery collection in collaboration with OE Design Jewellery, plus a feng shui greeting card collection that she herself designed and illustrated.

Everything in her home reflects her interest in feng shui. To encourage the flow of chi, at the entrance to her home in Pantai Hills, Bangsar a yellow wall is decorated with icons and paintings - including Buddhist Thangka religious paintings from Tibet. Low windows encourage the flow of chi, while a pond filled with carp signifies abundance.

Lillian Shows that you can mix modern, designer touches into your home decor and still stay true to feng shui principles. In the living room area you'll see a modern marble coffee table plus sofas by award-winning French designer, Phillipe Starck.

Nearby are six crystal balls but, "They bring harmony into the home. I am not a crystal ball gazer, I do not see into the future," Lillian laughs. An ancient God of Wealth occupies the north-west corner of the room, - yet offerings from Lillian to him, is a modern fibre optic lamp. To add more light, a large paneled mirror "extends" the room, reflecting warm lights.

The east wing is filled with light and clear spaces to calm the spirit. A Stupa takes centre stage in front of a Thangka picturing the Buddha of compassion. Three times a day, Lillian walks clockwise round the Stupa holding her Malamber prayer beads from Poland.

From Heavenly Kings stand at each corner of the room: "They are protectors of the resident of the house and they protect one million mantras kept inside." The antique coffee table features statues of three emperors, "ensuring at least three generations of longevity". A replica statue of a Tang horse brings fortune, while nearby sits a tiny copper prayer wheel, to aid in another of Lillian's meaningful rituals.

Lillian herself landscaped the garden and she made sure to include a pond inhabited by terrapins - tiny tortoises that can swim. Lillian believes "everyone should have a tortoise pond in their garden for protection, longevity and good health." An alcove devoted to Lillian's many best-selling books is decorated with a big earthernware of water: "I believe this encourages the sales of my books," she explains.

She also made sure her toilets and bathrooms are as small and simple as possible, "This minimises the flow of water - and fortune - out of the home," she explains. "And never have gold coloured or gold-plated taps. That's like gold flowing away out of the home."

A powerful citrine crystal ball accompanies Lillian on her travels providing her with energy and strength. But when asked where her heart lies Lillian quickly answers, " Malaysia is home. I could live anywhere in the world but Malaysia is where I feel truly blessed." Her faith and devotion run deep, and she explains in no uncertain terms that "to pray for wealth is disrespectful and shameful".

Lillian rates her success a mere second to being fulfilled: "Without fulfillment, success has no meaning," she states. Easy to say for someone who's obviously at the pinnacle of her career. However if there is one belief we can take heed of, it is to live with passion and determination. Maybe then success will come knocking at the door.

Learn more about Lillian at her online site You can also access her online magazine for tips and expert advice. And at, you can buy her many feng shui energizers.

Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

Feng Shui affects every aspect of our life and the way it is applied can be both beneficial and detrimental to the way we live and the surrounding environment. With a little practical application you too can tune into the seasonal changes and vibrations of nature to bring health, wealth and prosperity.

Living Room

Design with warm colours and comforting accessories. A place of relaxation and togetherness, good family feelings and friends should circulate in this area. Your furniture should be arranged in a square or octagonal shape, making sure that visitors can see the entrance. Freshly cut flowers will keep energy refreshed and flowing, dried flowers only serve to harbour energy. Ensure all areas (and all rooms) that lack natural light are kept well illuminated.

Dining Room

A mirror facing your table will double the amount of food on the table. Make sure that when placing the mirror it reflects something beautiful and not anything related to sadness or aggression. Your most honoured guest should sit in the "dragon seat of power," which is as far from all doors as possible while still facing them. Cancel out wall corners with plants and avoid pointed furniture pointing directly at your house.

The Kitchen

Design with greens coupled with timber products. The kitchen provides physical and spiritual nourishment. Money is nurturing and water represents wealth. Keep the kitchen light and bright; it is the place where you create the nurturing food that provides good chi to yourself and to your family.


Design with soft lighting and colours. Avoid stripes - as they create arguments and strong contrasting walls. The bedroom is the place to regain your strength. Place your bed in the command position, the area furthest from the door. With the entrance too close, you may feel tired and the lack of privacy. Give your life foundation by placing the headboard of your bed up against a wall. Never place a TV in your bedroom: it reflects like a mirror.
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