Too's Way to Feng Shui

The Sun
9 September 2009


FENG SHUI consultant Lillian Too, together with daughter Jennifer (pix), have just released their annual feng shui and astrology series of books based on the 12 animal sign in the Chinese zodiac.

The new Feng Shui & Fortune series for 2010 is chockfull with new information on what the coming Year of the Tiger will bring to those born under the various animal signs and advice on how to ride the Golden Tiger to emerge successful and victorious.

"It all depends on what animal sign you are born under," says Jennifer, the second generation Too who writes, edits, designs and publishes these books each year.

These series of books are not only sold in Malaysia and Singapore, but also online, as well as in the United States and 31 different countries.  The books have also been translated into a host of languages including Russian, Romanian, Thai, French and Spanish.

According to Jennifer, her mother does most of the research herself including poring over charts, reading up old almanacs and consulting with her friends in the business.

"She puts them all together and although we have been doing these books for several years now, she never ceases to amaze me with the depth of the stuff she puts together.

"Every year, there is something new, and each year, she goes deeper into the luck potential of the 12 animal signs."

Jennifer, a graduate of Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, does most of the actual writing.

Says Lillian: "I am truly lucky to have her. She also has a great eye for good practical design.  This makes my work so much easier.

"We like to think [the books] are not just beneficial for everyone who reads them but are also excellent for making people think about their feng shui and the role of luck and destiny in their lives.  Anyone reading these books will feel inspired to make the effort to improve their feng shui and fortune luck."

Lillian says that despite having published the Feng Shui & Fortune series for several years now, she still finds it exciting and challenging to be doing it.

"The challenge is to come out with these books on time and believe me it is not easy. From March to August every year, we work round the clock researching, analysing, writing, rewriting and editing.

"We want the books to be really good, to be compact and because there is so much information we want to impart, we edited them thoroughly.

"There's no superfluous stuff inside, no fluff and no padding.  Just the relevant information written in a style that makes it easy for everyone to understand and presented in a format that makes the books very user-friendly."

Lillian adds that they write the books to help people update their personal and astrological feng shui.

"Do we get feedbacks from the readers? Oh yes!  We received loads of fan mails from all over – everyone tells us how accurate the books are, how much they help them make decisions, gain success – these are very satisfying books to write.  And with the dawn of each year, the challenges starts anew."

For Lillian, the satisfaction comes in helping people.  "When we warn of accidents, potential burglary, of being cheated by people … all these aggravations can be easily avoided just by knowing how and we tell you how in these books!

"This is why they have become our 'silent' annual best-sellers, not just here but in many countries overseas.  It's the core of what we do and it culminates in my Annual Feng Shui Extravaganza shows each year."

These events are held in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, the US and alternatively in Europe and Australia on every Sunday in January.

"And the main message I impact is that it is vital to update your feng shui every year," says Lillian.  "This is so important if you do not want to suffer the indignities of a negative reversal in fortunes!

"We tell them to spend one Sunday with Lillian Too to update their feng shui for the coming year and their lives will become a breeze; the obstacles in their lives brushed aside; illness vibes gets subdued; misfortunes and accidents are avoided and life generally becomes a lot easier to live.

"This is the promise of good feng shui – and it costs so little because we have made feng shui easy to understand and affordable.  And also a lot of fun, we may add!"

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