Thinking Big in the Year 2008

Star Special
7th November 2007

The coming lunar year is the Year of the Earth Rat, promising great beginnings. It is believed that the Rat was the first animal to reach Buddha followed by the remaining 11 animals, thus it was given the singular honour of being the first to lead the cycle.

“This is the year to thing big,” says feng shui author Lillian Too on her annual Feng Shui Extravaganza scheduled for January 13, 2008, at the KL Convention Centre.

Lillian Too has impeccable credentials that withstand the harsh scrutiny of daylight. That is whey people listen when she speaks up about feng shui.

In 2000, she gave her first Extravaganza, which instantly became an overnight success, attracting crowds of over a thousand people. Since then the event has become a yearly date with readers and fans; and the number keeps growing.

Last year, she attracted a full house at the KL Convention Centre, where over 3,500 people came to share annual updates with her in Singapore. Lillian Too teaches in her easy-to-understand style peppered with sharp observations, amusing anecdotes with witticisms. Her lectures comprise not only the serious topic of feng shui, but also the lighter side Lillian Too herself.

The topic for 2008 is “How to Think Big in the Year of the Earth Rat”. Lillian Too says: “2008 will be the year when the Golden Deities visit several of the 24 mountains which will bring fortune to certain animal signs. Next year will thus hold great potential for those who know how to activate the harness their inherent luck. By thinking big, it will bring big dividends. All you need is protection against the pitfalls. Once you know how to suppress the afflictions, you do not need to fear a bad year.

“Even more important for those animal sighs that are not so favorable is for them to learn how to deal with disadvantages and turn potential misfortune into good luck, or at least offset its worst effects.”

All participants for her January 13th Extravaganza will be given a complimentary booklet summarizing the day-long seminar. This forecast guide is indispensable and handy as it contains the year’s highlights and afflictions with useful cures for each animal sign. Lillian Too promises to share some important new feature this year with the audience at the KLCC’s Plenary Hall. In addition to recommendations on how to enhance the new year’s Paht Chee and animal signs, she will also share secrets of thinking big when updating your 2008 star charts. This way, everyone can look forward to getting BIG results!

Tickets are available at all World of Feng Shui boutiques; MPH bookstores and you can even get them online at

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