Destiny's Child

December 2006

Mention Lillian Too and automatically feng shui comes to mind. The iron lady of all things auspicious talks to Exilea Omar on how she got started on feng shui and why she thinks luck is only a part of her success.

THE PRESTIGE TEAM is at Lillian Too's house, admiring her well-groomed garden with numerous water features and feng shui paraphernalia when she emerges, looking like the feng shui queen that she is. Lillian Too is known the world over with her book on best seller lists not only in Malaysia but in countries like the United States and Belgium.

"Let's take a different poses," she says picking up a stool. Clearly this is one lady who knows what she wants. With the photo shoot done successfully, we head to here guest house, a separate building next to the main house where she entertains "guests from all over the world." Lillian is charismatic and speaks eloquently.

A successful business person who spent 10 years in Hong Kong making a name for herself in the financial world, Lillian gained respect from people around her even before she made her mark in the realm of feng shui. "In the 70s and 80s I of-factly. "But in the 90s I decided to drop out for a good reason - to become a full-time mom." Leaving the corporate world, Lillian did not actually stop working. She wrote a book which became a summer bestseller in Barnes and Noble, a notable book distributor in the United States. No surprise that the subject matter of the book was feng shui.


"I came to know feng shui early in life," says Lillian. "In Hong Kong, I was fortunate to know some of the most influential people around - those who are into the cultural aspects from feng shui to I-Ching, even the teachnocrats of the country." China, according to Lillian opened many doors for her, and that was when everything started. Her numerous books became runaway successes ("suddenly all publishing houses wanted a feng shui book") and with her comprehensive and passionate knowledge on the subject of feng shui and I-Ching, she was invited to speak in seminars all over the globe as well as received invitations for private consultations as far as Russia.

A Harvard Business School graduate, Lillian considers herself a lucky person, but acknowledges luck is only a part of it as no success comes without hard work and perseverance. "I am lucky in the sense that I have wonderful people are genuine - wealth and success are just trimmings, but I have no attachment to these things," says Lillian. "Of course the realization that all this is a blessing from God, or Karma, came later."

So what actually makes Lillian Too the Lillian Too so many people respect and look up to today? "People tend to forget I'm a trained manager and excellent in business, which is my forte," says Lillian. "I have an analytical mind and some people are not used to the vigour, but I can't just be a rubber stamp in my own company.

Today, Lillian co-runs The World of Feng Shui, set up by her equally brilliant daughter, Jennifer, who is also CEO and chief editor of the magazine by the same name. "Jennifer inherited the love for feng shui and it clearly shows," smiles a proud Lillian. "Not many people know she is the one who spearhead the World of Feng Shui, and I'm just overwhelmed with her skills, she's just so good at what she does, in fact she's going to be better than me." Says Lillian of her only daughter. The World of Feng Shui also has expanded its franchises to China and Belgium.

"I am at a different place now, in a more spiritual dimension," adds Lillian. "My pursuit of happiness take a different pathway - I like to travel on pilgrimage to Holy Cities like Kathmandu, for example, to listen to teachings of the Dalai Lama and other spiritual teachers, and I am involved in various community projects," says Lillian who is a staunch Buddhist and President of the Losang Draspa Buddhist Society. "I feel happy when I make other people happy. It's fantastic karma."

So what can we expect for 2007 from the feng shui queen herself?

"Next year is the year of the Fire Boar, and there are prediction of illness and outbreak of epidemics, so be very careful with your health," says Lillian solemnly. "On the other hand, it is a very good year for business; it's a year for big money so take this opportunity well." Lillian Too is very much one lucky lady and few can match her strong will and desire to give more to society. "Life is all about balance, which is what feng shui is all about," says Lillian ending the interview but not her ongoing journey to success and happiness.
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