Malaysian feng shui expert in Manila

The Philippine Star,
Monday 16th January 2006
by Rainier Allan Ronda

A Malaysian feng shui expert is in Manila to hold a feng shui extravaganza in the run-up to the coming Chinese Year of the Dog and advise Filipinos how to enhance their good luck and suppress the bad.

Lillian Too arrived in Manila Saturday afternoon with good news for Filipinos. She said 2006 would be a good year materially, but cautioned that the year will be marked by disharmony in relationships.

"First of all, the good news is that 2006 is going to be a good year commercially. From the business point of view, making money, a lot of opportunities, it’s definitely a better year than 2005," Too told reporters in a press conference after stepping off Singapore Airline flight SQ 74 from Singapore.

Too holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and was reportedly the first woman in Malaysia to head a publicly listed company and in 1982 became the first woman in Asia to be appointed CEO of a bank. The feng shui extravaganza is to be held at the Westin Philippine Plaza hotel in Pasay City.

"If it is good for the world, it’s good for the Philippines, and the Philippines happens to be in the southeast part of the world. For the coming year, the southeast part of the world will enjoy basically good fortune but not great fortune," Too said.

While forecasting the Year of the Dog to be great for business, she warned that it will also be a quarrelsome year. "It’s going to be a great year. It’ s going to be a really good year. Unfortunately, it’s also a very quarrelsome year," because the year is ruled by quarrelsome stars in the center of the chart, what we call the feng shui chart," Too, founder and chairman of the (World of Feng Shui) and WOFS boutiques, said. "

There will be some natural disasters. There will be a continuation (of past disasters)... because the Earth is unstable," Too said. "

Lillian's Extravaganza road show will also be reprised at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton on 5th & 6th March.
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