Rings for Fame and Fortune

Top jeweler and "feng shui" practitioner join hands to craft new "elements" range.
~ by Karen Yap

New Straits Times,
Thursday May 17 2001

Do you wish to increase your success and career luck, gain instant wealth or spice up your love life?

OE Fine Jewellery's latest collection The Element Rings are designed and crafted to bring wealth, health and happiness to its wearers.

This newest line from Lillian Too's Feng Shui Fine Jewellery Collection was launched recently in conjunction with the opening of OE's fifth showroom at Lot 10 in Kuala Lumpur.

Too's feng shui books have reached the number one spot in the bestseller charts in the USA, Europe and Singapore.

Feng shui is a 3,500-year-old science rooted in the traditional Chinese way of viewing the universe and understanding the workings of the cosmic breath or chi.

In feng shui, everything on earth is believed to be controlled by five elements - earth,metal,water,wood and fire.

Each element is further subjected to positive or negative energy.

This source of energy or chi, (or more colourfully known as the dragon's cosmic breath) brings good fortune to those surrounded by it.

These five elements constitute a central pillar of feng shui analysis with each possessing yin (female)or yang (male) attributes.

The Element Rings capture the intrinsic essence of these five elements.

  Earth Element Ring
for luck in relationship
  Wood Element Ring
for growth and abundance

Each ring symbolises an element, reflected in its shape, colour and choice of precious stones and dimensions.

For example, the metal element brings success in careers while the earth element opens the doors for luck in relationships.

Thus, choose the element which most strongly symbolises your heart's desire.

Alternatively, you can also personalize your choice of elements.

Use your kua number (find out how to calculate your kua number from OE showroom sales consultants) to select the element ring that captures the most harmonious and powerful chi for you.

Fire Element Ring
for recognition, fame & power
Metal Element Ring
for success in your career
Water Element Ring
for wealth & prosperity

The Element Rings are available in white and yellow gold, set with diamonds, rubies,sapphires,citrines and green tourmalines.

Says Too: "Wearing beautiful jewellery is one of the easiest and most exciting methods of attracting good fortune."

In creating this exclusive range of feng shui jewellery, Too advised on the meaning, significance and practical working theory of feng shui while OE provided the manufacturing expertise.

The other two feng shui collection comprises the Feng Shui Diamond Collection and The Colours of Feng Shui.

The Element Rings are available at all OE Fine Jewellery showrooms.

Established in 1974 at Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone in Penang, OE is Malaysia's largest, oldest and most established manufacturer and exporter of fine jewellery.

Crafted by talented artisans in gold and platinum set with precious stones, OE's own labels such as C-Natasha and Rudolf Erdel Platinum collections are sold in the world's most prestigious stores in New York, Geneva and Tokyo.

With its headquarters in Muenster, Germany, this century-old, multinational today exports to over 38 countries from its manufacturing facility in Penang.

OE Fine Jewellery showrooms are located in Penang (Bayan Lepas FIZ 3, Island Plaza), Kuala Lumpur (Lot 10, Craft Complex) and Malacca (Plaza Mahkota) or visit their online showroom at
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