A year to think big
By Chong Pooi Koon

New Strait Times
15th January 2008

It is a year when being big-hearted reaps dividends, says a Feng Shui guru, adding that investors may accumulate shares when prices fall and take the pickings later in the year.

FOR those who believe in "Feng Shui", the Year of Earth Rat may bring a bumper harvest for industries that include the stock market, entertainment, mining, jewellery, real estate and construction.

However, it will be difficult for the shipping, banking and transport sectors, while stiff competition in agriculture, plantation and publishing industries will allow only the best to survive, according to well-known Feng Shui guru, Lillian Too.

"This is a year of unbalanced elements with 'metal' and 'fire' sorely lacking. But it is also a year blessed with wealth and victory luck, and the key to getting the most out of the year is simply to get the timing right," Too told a packed audience at a full-day Feng Shui talk in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

The year has plenty of wealth potential, and is a year to think big. All animal signs, except for horse, could benefit from taking risks and being brave, she said.

"It is a year when being big-hearted reaps dividends. Your attention should be focused on spotting opportunities that bring long-term benefits."

Too said the missing fire element is making the financial market look very unstable this year, suggesting that the uncertainties resulting from the US subprime problem may not be ending yet.

Nevertheless, she said the second half of the year will be better and that investors may accumulate shares when prices fall and take the pickings later in the year.

Too also told investors to bet on real estate this year.

"Earth is wealth, so buy property. But make sure they are landed property. You must be able to feel the earth and feel the wealth."

She added that 2008 will be a great year for those born under the Chinese sign of rabbit.

Generally, people should wear more red and yellow gold to attract positive energy that will bring wealth and prosperity.

Overall, the missing 'fire' and 'metal' means the lack of creativity, intelligence and power.

"There will be not-so-smart people being thrown into the spotlight, making stupid mistakes," Too said.

She said the clash of "water" and "earth" indicates political and international conflicts in the global arena. However, the Rat Year will bring new beginnings, new international relations and new government.

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