Feng shui for everyday living

New Straits Times,
Saturday 7th August 2004

ASTRO subscribers who can't get enough of feng shui or want to know more about the subject are in for a treat as beginning tomorrow, best-selling writer and author of all things feng shui Lillian Too, will meet viewers in her weekly new series, The Lillian Too Show.

Promising to be highly entertaining, energetic, humorous and interactive, this 13-episode series will debut on ASTRO AEC (Channel 19), at 8.30pm.

The 30-minute show will be in English with Chinese subtitles.

To run for 13 weeks, the series will cover everyday concerns, from personal wealth accumulation to general improvement in the quality of life and finding a spouse etc. Repeats of the show will be aired over , beginning Sept 15, on Wednesday at 7 pm, with additional airings on Saturday at 3 pm and the following Monday at 8 am.

The programme on Astro@15 will be further enhanced when viewers can press the "R" (Red button) on the Astro remote to access additional information related to the programme.

Too has long been a household name when it comes to feng shui, through her over 50 internationally best-selling books.

At a recent meet the press session, Too says the show learns towards being entertaining and down-to-earth. Targeted at everyone who is interested in improving their lives and their living conditions, she says she has fans as young as five.

She will be dishing out information to her audience such as the understanding of the basic scientific and spiritual laws of feng shui, applying the laws of feng shui to daily routines and surrounding our lives with it to create a harmonious environment by giving examples of how she herself does it.

I just want to remind viewers to have pen and paper ready when watching the show so that they can write down the many feng shui tips. I will be there to talk to viewers on how to implement feng shui activators and cures, which is something that you cannot get from books and pictures alone, she said.

She said everyone can be a feng shui practitioner and this new series makes practicing feng shui easy and fun.

"There is so much depth to the practicing of feng shui that one never stops learning, but understanding the basic fundamentals is really vital, " she said.

On how The Lillian Too Show materialized, Too says that it was following the success of her Feng Shui Extravaganza, aired over Astro in the 15 days leading up to the Chinese New Year earlier this year that plans were put firmly in place to conceptualise and shoot the show.

Too's World Of Fengshui franchise continues to expand at a steady rate with the opening of its 31st outlet across the globe by year end.

She has also come out with Lillian Too's 365 Feng Shui Tips, available now in book shops.

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