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2nd – 3rd February 2008

Lillian Too turns stylist as she clues you in on what to wear in the Year of the Rat.

GONG XI! Gong Xi! A new year heralds new beginnings, new luck and new wardrobe. But before you go out on a shopping spree with your ang pow collection, read on and and out what are the must- haves for 2008. Who knows, it could be your luckiest year yet!

Weekend FLIP talked to world- renowned feng shui author, Lillian Too on the fashion dos and dont's for the Year of the Rat.

How can we re-organize our wardrobe for the Year of the Rat? What are the major colours to own for 2008?

For the year 2008, it is a good idea to use the annual paht chee chart to create an auspicious wardrobe. This is because the chart offers great ideas for what we term as 'element' balancing, which is the secret of creating a really great year.

Some basic things to remember about the Year of the Earth Rat is that it is a year of crashing elements ruled by earth and water, with earth sitting on top of weak water. This means that the metallic colours are excellent for 2008.

Also, the paht chee chart of the year is totally lacking in metal energy, so wearing any gold or silver would bring luck. White is also a colour that signifies metal, so it is a good idea to have a basic white shirt in your wardrobe and to wear it whenever you need to have a boost of energy and luck.

The year is also completely lacking in fire element, so the colour red is important, too. It is excellent to invest in a pair of red shoes and to carry a bright red wallet. Wearing red in the year 2008 really brings great financial creativity tuck. It makes you really clever with money and if you get a crimson-coloured wallet with nine dragons embossed on it, this would ensure you make smart financial decisions.

Are there different colours to wear to bring in different types of luck? What are the colours to wear to draw career, love and money luck?

Yes, indeed. Different colours stand for different things in the list of luck aspirations.
White or metallic colours stand for the strengthening of self and this always brings good fortune. When you are weak, you cannot enjoy good fortune at all.

Fire energy comes from red, including different shades of red. This is for creativity and intelligence. So when you wear red, it will bring excellent creative luck. Those of you who are sitting for exams will get luckier if you're wearing red. Those born in the year of the Rooster will also benefit from this colour.

For wealth luck in 2008, you should wear the earth colours, which are the yellows and beiges. And for resources luck, wear black or blue.

What are the colours to avoid for 2008?

This year, it is advisable to avoid wearing green and brown as these colours are described as bringing imbalance and hence, are not lucky. Do avoid wearing them too often.

What about makeup?

As far as makeup is concerned, we follow the same rules. Avoid green eye shadows and instead, use beige or blue.

It is also really beneficial in 2008 to use red-based colours, especially for the cheeks and lips. This accentuates the fire element energy, which attracts creativity tuck.

Red cheeks also bring love and romance. The best overall colours are earth and fire colours, so work around these colours.

How about accessories?

The best accessories to wear for 2008 would be gold, yellow gold, as it brings amazing good fortune. If you can afford to wear good jewellery on the first day of the New Year and then continue wearing at least one piece of gold jewellery through the year, not only will it protect you but it also attracts good fortune for the year. This includes career advancement and great recognition luck. If possible, try to find powerful mantras fashioned in real gold or at least gold-plated ones, as these will protect you from calamities of the year.

In addition, carry a crimson wallet or handbag as these brings enormous good fortune. White is also a great colour for handbags. Black is not so good for 2008.

It is also excellent to wear diamonds and if you cannot afford them, then wear crystals. This brings good career and relationship luck. But if you can, I suggest you invest in at least one good diamond this year! It's a great start to the new cycle of the zodiac.

Lastly, can you share any other feng shui tips with us?

The year 2008 brings excellent relationship and prosperity luck to those born in the year of the Rabbit. For those born in the year of the Horse, however, it is a year of severe and multiple afflictions, so it is best to lie low. Those born under this sign should definitely carry all the amulets and talismans I have suggested.

The year 2008 is a year to think big and be courageous - make no bones about it. This is going to be a difficult and challenging year but it is also a year filled with many opportunities to make it big. There is also a great deal of wealth potential in this coming year.

Those born under the signs of the Rabbit, Dragon, Snake and Rat, will enjoy good luck this year and should be alert to market opportunities. Those under the Tiger and Ox signs can look forward to romance luck, while those belonging to the Dog and Boar signs should carry amulets to overcome the illness stars.

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