Interview - Going Places

January 2001

Lillian Too Is The World's Leading Feng Shui Writer With 44 Books Translated Into 24 Languages In Just 5 Short Years, But The Chapter Closes To Her Heart, Is Spirituality

When did you discover there was a writer in you?

Since I was 20, I have yearned to write a best selling novel. To me the challenge of writing is to present the most difficult point in a simple way. Writing is an art. I fall in love with words. I scrutinize my work to a fault. I only publish when my written words make me feel good. I write the way I speak, from the heart, with stories and little anecdotes.

How did you begin writing?

I left corporate life to become a full time mother to Jennifer, my daughter. It was the best thing I did because I did it solely for someone else. But soon Jennifer grew up and I realised I could no longer be just domestic. I was not keen on returning to a corporate visualization. When I tried to distribute the book, I was told there was a big marker for books on Chinese culture and feng shui (FS). I think my first book was not very well written, I edited and published it myself. Surprisingly, 'Enter the World of Dragons and Tigers' sold very well. I kept publishing books until the day some publishers from England signed me up. I've worked with Element, Random House, Collins and Brown, Ballantine Books and now, Harper Collins. I've reached a stage where if I want to make a living purely on writing, I can.

How has FS changed your Life?

Feng shui is not the central thing in my life. It is a tool and additional knowledge that works. It is not a religion nor something spiritual. I use my belief in spiritually to enhance my teaching, writing and practice of feng shui. So it has not changed my life. Other things have made an impact on my life more than feng shui, and one of which is Buddhism.

How has Buddhism helped you in the practice of FS?

I am a serious Buddhist rather than a devout Buddhist. I teach and practice feng shui with the correct motivation. The wrong motivation will not bear results or merits. The motivation helps you succeed. Not enough people realize how precious life is. Once you do, you will not waste it and will live to help people and humanity. Otherwise what's the use of becoming rich. Money and skills are to be used in a wise way. My belief in the Buddhist philosophy is an inspiration to eventually write books on Buddhism.

How has Buddhism changed your life?

It has made me more aware of how you treat and interact with people. Whether you are kind or patient. Most of us are not intrinsically kind. I would like to be spontaneously kind without having to think about it. I strive to be like that, but whether I achieve it all the time is questionable. Life is precious. Every moment is precious. Life only has meaning if you like it in a meaningful way.

How do you see yourself spending your retirement years?

I tried to retire 10 years ago, in the conventional sense, but that was merely retirement from the corporate world. I see retirement from a different perspective. Until the day I die I will always be doing something and will keep busy. I am not pressured nor stressed by keeping busy, I only get exhausted physically. At the moment I am happy to be able to reach people all over the world on this wonderful subject of feng shui.

How has your e-commerce website WOFS impacted the feng shui world?

Tremendously. And positively. As you know it is the number one feng shui site in the world from over 200 sites. Feng shui as a subject is very suitable for the Internet. We get 22,000 hits a day. We would like to think we are showcasing what Malaysia can do in feng shui product merchandising to the West, although we do stock up from Kathmandu, India, Chin and the Asian region. We hope to have a World of Feng Shui Boutique by early next year. We are in the midst of creating a feng shui Forum Online and in our newsletters as a platform to share knowledge on feng shui.

What is your advice to wannabe FS practitioners?

I don't think of myself as a feng shui master but as a good feng shui writer, I love this subject and have a passion for it. Sincerely learn feng shui with good heart and mind, and practise with the correct motivation. The more you learn about feng shui the more you realize how little you know. Feng shui is only one third of your luck. Your success also depends on your own karma and skills. Not everyone can be Bill Gates or Dr. Mahathir.

With so many accomplishment in life, do you have a dream that has yet to be achieved?

Enlightenment. But that will take a thousand years. In this life I hope I have the karma to see the successful completion of the Maitreya Buddha Project in Bodghaya.
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