Productive year

The Borneo Post,
Sunday 19th November 2006
By Nancy Lai

Lillian Too, a world renowned author on Feng Shui, launched her latest book "Get Rich with Water" a couple of months ago and it has received tremendous response from her fans.

When asked about the sales figure during here visit to Kota Kinabalu last month, Lillian said, it has been only a months since they launched the book and they do not usually get figures in until the first six months but their first print run of 15,000 copies have already been fully sold into the distribution channels.

"We have also started selling translation right with great success," she told The Borneo Post recently.

Lillian’s visit here was part of a nationwide book tour organized by World of Feng Shui (WOFS), during which she met with about 150 fans who attended the book tour and seminar held at the Sutera Harbour Resort.

Other than speaking about the “Get Rid with Water” book, she also answered some questions concerning the correct application of feng shui and autographed her books for the fans.

She was very pleased with the response to her latest book and the book tour which saw her visiting WOFS boutiques all over the country.

“It’s been wonderful so far, hard work but very satisfying. I am very happy with the way Jeanette organized the talk in Kota Kinabalu where everyone who came could ask questions and have their confusion clarified,” she said.

“This is important I think for a subject like feng shui which can be quite technical…..that is why the book had to be done with meticulous detail. I think the people here at KK are very feng shui-savvy; they really know their feng shui.”

On her future plans, Lillian disclosed that she is writing all the time especially for her publishers overseas.

In the pipeline is a book which will be coming out in Spring 2007 called “Secrets of Chinese fortune-telling”; she said.

She has also started working on a new book for the favourite Publisher in the United Kingdom and it is titled, “168 ways to re-energize your life”, a successful in the UK, USA and Europe.

Commenting on the response from her fans in Sabah, Lillian said, “I love it. I like the people here very much as they are warm and very responsive. It feels very good being able to answer their questions and discuss their feng shui concerns. I look forward to coming back.

“So far the support I got for this book tour was really excellent and I want to thank them all for coming to the talk. I hope to see them all at my FENG SHUI Extravaganza in January 2007 either in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur,” she added.

Lillian, who has lived with feng shui for 35 years, said the fronulas in the book focus on water feature and water flows.

Water, she explained, is an element which sustains all living things and plants. Water is also the “other half” in feng shui which when translated, literally means, wind and water.

Water in feng shui represents livelihood and wealth and water features which are placed strategically and correctly on one’s property, can help boost income and wealth, she said.

Therefore, those interested to increase their wealth can now learn via Lillian’s “Get Rich with Water” book, to create the right kind of water feature that can attract their wealth luck quickly and inexpensively.

“The basic formula is not easy which is why I wrote the book, making it easier for the readers to follow step by step and implement the water features to increase their wealth luck,” she said.

According to her, there is happy water which is clean flowing water that brings good fortune and there is unhappy water which brings stagnation, blockages, misfortune and loss.

With the correct water feature to boost wealth luck, one will be able to recognize good opportunities that come into their life and grab them, she said, advising those intending to build water features such as waterfalls in their compounds not to spare any expense.

A cheap water feature will bring you “cheap” wealth and vice versa, she said.

She reminded those present that the water should be flowing towards the house to symbolize wealth flowing in.

“Also ensure accuracy in the compass measurement of directions, because if the direction is wrong, then the method use will also be incorrect,” she said.

Lillian further said that an auspicious day must be selected to commence construction work on the water feature and it is also advisable to personally oversee the project.

She cited a few examples of her friends who were losing their wealth when their water features were flowing away from their property but their luck changed when they took her advice and changed the water flow.

In her book, Lillian also spoke about building water dragons which deals with the water flow around the home and in the gardens surrounding the house including the accumulation of water in the vicinity of the property in order to be asset rich and wealthy.

She also described the Flying Star feng shui which is the concept of lucky and unlucky water stars and these stars indicate the parts of the home that – will bring prosperity when activated by the presence of water.

The Flying Star feng shui offers specific guideline on where to place water features both inside and outside the home in the form of a pond, swimming pool, aquarium, waterfall or a fountain.

Lillian also reminded those who use her book that is not necessary to use all the formulas as one that is done properly will give them the benefit of either the Flying Star or the dragon formula.

Without going too much into detail of her book, Lillian explained to her fans to do’s and don’ts about water features which included not placing one on the right side of your front door as it would result in your husband straying.

With diagrams and photographs, she described how to correctly place the water feature, how to accurately locate the exit directions of drains to bring wealth as well as how to use all the formulas to create wealth feng shui.
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