"TOO" Much Of Feng Shui

Afternoon Despatch & Courier,
3rd December, 2001
By Indira Rodericks

Meet Lillian Too, one of the world's leading exponents of Feng Shui who applies the science to every aspect of her life. And is living proof that it works...

Feng Shui master Lillian Too has not always been involved with this mystic science. She has, in fact, had a corporate career and became the first woman in Asia to be appointed a CEO of a banking institution. And, although this bestselling author has visited India many times,this is the first time she is conducting the basic and advanced programs in Feng Shui in the city.

Feng Shui (pronounced as Fung Shway) is an ancient Chinese practice based on the concept of placing and arranging buildings, doors, furniture, plants and other objects to ensure a good life. Lillian considers herself to be living proof that Feng Shui works. "I owe my incredible luck and many successes in my career and business activities to my in-depth knowledge of Feng Shui," she said. She continued, "My husband and I were unable to have a child. Then, one day a Feng Shui expert visited us and when we explained the problem, he told us to get rid of a certain tree in front of our house.Two months later, I was pregnant with our daughter."

It has taken this Chinese-born master a while to come to this city and with all the travelling she does, she admitted that she was waiting for the right time. Although she is thrilled with the number of participants who are attending the courses, she confessed that rather having a master re-organise your life, it would be a better opinion if you learn the science and help your self.

"I didn't think India would be a difficult place for this science to gain interest ….Your country has a long tradition of mystic sciences, and this makes it easier for people to accept Feng Shui.It was just a matter of time. But I'm glad that many are showing interested in this science," she added.

Now in her fifties,this practising Buddhist, and very, very happy and enthusiastic Lillian said it was important for people to know that Feng Shui is a science and an art. "As a science it must be practiced to perfection. And, as an art it must be aesthetic. There are many people armed with a meagre amount of knowledge who claim to be Feng-Shui practitioner. But that is not the way it should be…,"she said.

Good Feng Shui allows the cosmic energy or "chi" to flow freely,creating a harmonious environment and improvement of health, love life, peace and prosperity. She explained, "By carefully locating and orienting your residence and organising its interior design to maximize good energy,you can promote success and happiness."

Often described as the art of placement is simply means that a well placed home offers it occupants protection, stability, security and good fortune. During her visit, Lillian Too will also privately consult, but that is something she'd rather not discuss. "Private consultants are basically private…,"she said matter-of-factly not even disclosing the phenomenal amount she charges for these consultations. Her trip this time is short, she returns to Malaysia in ten days, but Lillian Too promises to return in January next year.Before returning to the workshop, she said, "Remember …it is important to know that this science does not give us solutions directly, but it equips us with a tool to balance and harmonize our environment to suit our needs, thereby enabling us to control our lives."

Lillian Too's guidelines for the "Art of Placement"

Place your bed or desk so that it allows you to sleep or sit with a solid wall behind you.
Do not sit or sleep with a window behind you.
Do not sleep or work beneath a load bearing beam.The energy emanating from the beam causes headaches, fatigue and lethargy.
Have a clear view of the door. Avoid having your back to the door. If you have no choice, place a small mirror in front of you to reflect the door.
Do not sleep or sit in line with the door.
Avoid having overhead storage cabinets or shelving or heavy objects on the wall over the place where you sleep or work.
Avoid sitting at a desk facing a wall.
Do not have a mirror reflecting you as you sleep or work. It is the most common cause of restless sleep in a bedroom.
Bunk beds are not recommended.
Keep electrical devices-at bay-especially in the bedroom.
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